The Sentinel

Vigilance does not demand boredom. Add flair and terror to your nightly watch with our Violator guitar strap. The moon will leap from its silver and spikes to alert encroachers of your post. As the breach advances they will witness … Read More

High-Speed Low-Life

No baffles, no mercy, no compromise. Our flagship Violator guitar strap is hand saddle-stitched along the entire perimeter of its two piece body. For those who want to join in on the fun but have no use for a guitar … Read More

Filth and Opulence

IROCs and silver-linings. Straight outta Milwaukie. Our flagship Violator in yellow and brown crocodile with gunmetal black and gold spikes is a West meets East tribute to the infernal wetlands. Stare deep into its hide and the bubbling of the … Read More

Lone Fir

Daytime gothin’. When the heaters are too hot for black and white. Steel Weather doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel, but to champion and encrust it with jewels. We honor tradition with our flagship Violator, uncompromising in labor and extremity. … Read More

Expired Transfer

Featuring our flagship Violator in marbled burgundy with chrome spikes.