Brutalis - Classic - black and black spiked guitar strap


We left one of our Bludgluttins unsupervised overnight and it broke out to feed. The next evolution in luxury barbarism is here! Enter BRUTALIS. With its 4″ wide fully padded contruction it’s our most secure and supportive design yet. The body of the strap has been riddled with 136 hand-set spikes for all you aspiring bipedal porcupines out there. It maintains the Bludgluttin’s dinstinctive two-piece strap/tail design that allows the player to make quick adjustments to its length.

As with any Steel Weather guitar strap, every Brutalis is handmade in Portland, OR from it’s most basic materials until it’s what you see pictured.

Each Brutalis will arrive inside its own .50 caliber ammo can carrying case. All Steel Weather straps are assembled from high grade water/UV resistant marine upholstery vinyl. Apocalypse-proof and entirely vegan.