Violator – Python – green and multi-alloy spiked guitar strap


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Terror in excess.

Our most savage and indulgent offering, VIOLATOR boasts nearly 200 individual hand-set spikes. It features a raised multilayer body that adds dimension to its appearance while providing tension and stability to each spike. This technique allows us to house all of the screws within the body of the strap for a refined look that protects your shoulder and guitar.

We then added a breathable, quad layered foam support pad to the underside of the strap. 7 matching rivets tuft the surface mirroring the placement of VIOLATOR’s primary “king” spikes. Due to its excessive nature VIOLATOR’s design demands the use of hand saddle-stitching, a highly time consuming process. VIOLATOR is truly a labor of hate.

Each one will arrive housed inside its own .50 caliber ammo can carrying case. VIOLATOR and all Steel Weather straps are assembled from high grade water/UV resistant marine upholstery vinyl to ensure maximum durability. Apocalypse-proof and entirely vegan.